Tips on How to Make Effective Packaging Designs for Your Business

For any business, small or large, packaging plays a huge role not merely in serving as a means of delivery but more importantly for the promotion of brand recognition and marketing purposes. While there are many companies that offer services including but not necessarily limited to bespoke packaging, there are still a few good common practices to keep in mind when designing a package that will not only stand out from the competition but be accepted by the target market.

Less is more

It takes only a brief moment for average consumers to decide whether your product is worth their hard-earned money or not. Contrary to popular belief, first impressions actually count for a lot more than many of us give them credit for and having an overdesigned package can often turn off potential customers. Instead, keep the design simple. A subtle but striking look will ultimately be much more memorable and interesting rather than a convoluted mess of ideas.

Practicality over form

To further enhance the simplicity of the design package, we also need to consider practicality. We all want to put as many resources as we can into how we want our respective market to perceive our business and remember us, but it can be uneconomical to do so especially for smaller businesses that have to work on a tighter budget. With the same concept of keeping it simple in mind, a lot more can be achieved by spending less.


Create something unique

It’s a tall order to be unique in what are essentially oversaturated markets and industries, but it isn’t impossible to do. A top tip would be to try and check on the competition whenever possible and see what they are doing. If they’re all going for a more modern approach, perhaps it may be best to take the retro road. This will help not just your products stand out from the competition but also endear more potential consumers to your business.

Be honest

They say that honesty is the best policy, and it’s especially true in packaging. You can easily alienate yourself from your own market by being dishonest about what the product is all about in the packaging. At the same time, the business can just as easily find success with the packaging being more transparent.

A lot of businesses today are seeing the value in packaging designs more so than in the past because of how effective a marketing tool it can be. However, the design itself plays a critical role in the big picture and can very well determine how well received the actual product will be. As long as you keep the interests and capabilities of your business in mind when generating the design, there’s no doubt that the right design will come to fruition.

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