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A List of Requirements You Need for a Brilliant Presentation

Every presentation will have its own set of props and materials, including PowerPoint slides, presentation kits, brochures and handouts, and more. But preparing for a brilliant presentation entails being prepared with equipment, electrical access, and other small but essential requirements. Preparation is key for any presentation, but it’s often easy to forget certain things as well. Here’s a list of requirements and things you need to take care of for a brilliant presentation.

Important accessories

When it comes to accessories for a presentation, you may already have a good idea of what is required. Often, this includes handouts (one piece of advice: have an A4 document folder printed out by a professional printing company so you can give your audience the right impression about your business and present them with more information at the same time), presentation printouts and notes (make sure to use large fonts so you can read it more easily), a backup presentation copy stored in a USB, and evaluation forms for your audience to fill in. Of course, you can always add to this list as you see fit; the point is to have the necessary accessories ready, so you can avoid potential presentation disasters.


Obviously, you would need your laptop for your presentation, but there are other pieces of equipment which you may require as well. This includes a projector as well as an extra bulb as a replacement, a mouse as well as a mouse pad, a remote (preferably one with a laser pointer built in), a microphone, and cables. Most every conference facility will have some of this equipment, of course, but it’s also better to work with your own personal equipment if you can since you are already familiar with it and can more easily troubleshoot potential problems. It may also be worth considering a portable screen; even if a blank white wall can work if the projector screen fails, it doesn’t give such a great impression.

Electrical cords and batteries

It would also be best for you to bring an extension cord or two, although one would do if you already make use of a power strip. The length of the cord can vary, but the longer it is, the better. Plug adaptors can also come in handy, particularly when you are presenting at an older building. Batteries may also save your presentation from ruin, especially extra batteries for your laptop. If you want, you can make an even better investment in a universal power supply.

Small essentials

There are also a number of small essentials which may benefit you in a pinch, such as a doorstop, a timer, and duct tape. The doorstop can be very useful for a wobbly and uneven projector, and a timer can help you keep track of the time, especially if there are strict restrictions. Meanwhile, duct tape can be quite useful for securing electrical cords (particularly in areas with a lot of traffic), and you wouldn’t want to trip on your own cord whilst making a presentation, either.

By taking care of these essentials, your presentation is guaranteed to go much more smoothly, and your audience will appreciate it as well.

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