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Recently the world has seen a huge number of spectacular movies, and many of them deserve attention. The main problem, however, is to find a good streaming source with a good collection at hand. is a well-designed site with a wide choice of HD movies and series to watch on your own or in a company. It offers a free seven-day trial and has a great collection of movies filtered by genre and streaming schedule. In this article we will look at best new films available at Showtime right now. All of them have been highly appreciated by top-world critics and all the movies are streamed in HD quality and without pop-ups.

Walking out (2017)

Today less and less movies can be talked about as perfect – it has become popular to put effort on the outside image rather than the inner point. However, this isn’t true about a spectacular adventure drama by Andrew J. and Alex Smiths called Walking Out.

The story tells about fourteen-year-old David and his father who set off for a long track and get into trouble. They will have to struggle with weather, wild animals and their own weakness to survive this trial.

From the very beginning you feel penetrated with a special mood and the movie’s atmosphere. A highly professional operator’s work has made it possible to believe in what is happening on the screen, and appropriate locations in mountains have made the picture a worthy choice. If this has interested you, you can enjoy the drama at right now by simply signing up.

Hell or High Water (2016)

This movie is considered to be the best release of 2016 – it holds a mix of perfect cast, gripping story line, and adventurous move. Two brothers do justice against the bank – and rob it – while chased by Texas Ranger. Though the whole story doesn’t seem to be new, Hell or High Water amazes the viewer with unexpected twists and suspense. Honesty can’t be so easily punished, can it?

The movie has been greatly appraised, just like other pictures by David Mackenzie, and can be watched at without pop-ups or download. Great acting and convincing scenery make the drama a real masterpiece as you are taken away to the far Texas.

Certain Women (2016)

Another spectacular drama that can be watched at Showtime is Certain Women by Kelly Reichardt. The story is focused on three women, all struggling with their own problems, be it a family or a career. Their lives come to one point in a small town to change completely.


Certain Women is an exceptionally realistic story, it hides nothing and opens genuine emotions. This was achieved not only by acting, but also by exceptional scenery and location choice, which create an appropriate atmosphere for such a movie. Among the cast there are Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart – their absolute mastership fits the movie and makes it a real masterpiece.

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