Things to consider when choosing a data centre for your online business

Once you take your business online, the next big decision you must make is choosing a data centre that’s best for your business.

You need a data centre that can efficiently store and secure your organisation’s important and sensitive data. When your customers visit the internet in search of information, they expect to get it easily. A website malfunction could cost you your customers.

Data centres are often the culprit behind a dysfunctional website. That is why finding a good data host should be your top priority.

Here are 7 things to consider when choosing a data centre for your online business.

1) Reputation

Run a background check on the data centre. Find out what their previous clients have said about their services. The feedback can be found online. Data centres like Iomart that have been around for a while and have a trusted reputation can help you make your decision. Large companies tend to invest a lot of money into making sure their data centres are as secure as they can be with the most up-to-date encryption. These kinds of companies rely on keeping a clean reputation so investing in security is of vital importance.

2) Location

The location of a data centre is one of the major factors to be considered when choosing a data centre. There should be close proximity between your data centre’s location and the location of a majority of your website visitors to enhance user experience.

3) Security

To avoid falling victim to cyber crimes, the digital and physical security of the data centre you choose must be cutting-edge. Your data centre should have security measures like granular access systems, video monitoring systems, man traps and biometric authentication.

4) Emergency backup

For data storage and security, there’s nothing like being too careful. Be sure that your data centre has a backup plan should anything go wrong.

5) Reliability

There should be a reliable power supply, sufficient cooling and redundancy systems in the data centre you choose. The absence of these measures could affect your website’s uptime.

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