Emergency Vehicle Equipment in Edmonton

If you work in the police or fire department, are in the health care sector, or you work for an emergency mail service company, you understand that time is of great essence in any emergency situation, as it can actually mean life and death under certain circumstances. For instance, in a hostage situation, police need to act with speed in order to save the victim, in the same way, the fire department needs to act with speed in order to mitigate the loss, damage or harm that may be caused by a fire breakout.

Emergency Vehicle Equipment in Edmonton

If you need special equipment for your emergency vehicle in Edmonton, you will find companies that deal in a range of equipment that is designed to enhance the safety and performance of different types of vehicles. They normally supply, install and repair different kinds of emergency equipment and systems. Whether you want to install quality speed enforcement equipment or want to purchase 2 way radios in Edmonton for your security firm or police department, these companies have you covered. They normally offer:

1. Two-Way Radios

If you would like to purchase the best quality 2 way radios in Edmonton, these companies have whatever you may need at their shops. They have teamed up with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry in order to provide those products that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of players in the EMS, police, fire and other critical industries. Their advanced radio products come in different designs and are designed for efficiency, wide coverage and reliability.

2. Speed Enforcement Solution

These companies also offer superior quality speed enforcement equipment that is particularly critical for traffic police officers. Their radio frequency and laser speed guns are able to accurately detect the speed at which an oncoming vehicle is moving for safety enforcement purposes. This enables them to catch speeding traffic offenders, and these gadgets can even store the information for use as evidence in a court of law. Moreover, they have clear, backlit LCD displays for convenient use even in low-light or dark conditions.

3. Mobility and Cellular Solutions

These experts also have top quality network-based solutions that will provide you with unparalleled reliability, security and flexibility. Their solutions are easily adaptable and scalable, so they can be expanded to meet your changing communication needs. They can provide you with topnotch:

a) Fleet Tracking & management services
b) Portable Modems and hotspots
c) Network-based wireless voice, video and data solutions
d) Data centre solutions
e) Cloud computing solutions
f) Unified communications solutions

These solutions can be used even in remote areas away from city infrastructure, thanks to their mobile capabilities.

These companies can also provide you with the best coverage extenders, public address systems, dispatch solutions, GPS fleet management solutions, lighting solutions, duty gear, alarms and back-up cameras, as well as push bumpers and partitions, among other things. These experts are always committed to providing quality installation of emergency vehicle equipment and systems, which helps in ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Moreover, if you have a faulty system or equipment, they are able to troubleshoot it in order to find the problem and fix it.

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