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Tips For Choosing Affordable and Comfortable Student Housing

As a student, you must focus on your studies and care for basic needs. It is therefore important to choose a place that is affordable and comfortable.

Choosing accommodation near campus gives you convenience and saves you money on travel expenses. Moreover, it should have facilities like a gym and study lounge that add value to your stay.


There are a few ways students can find affordable and comfortable student housing. For example, some homeowners rent out rooms within their houses for college students. This can be cheaper than renting a dorm and offers more privacy than a typical dorm room.

According to David Adelman, it is also important to consider whether the student apartment or house includes utilities in the rental price. This can save money on utility bills and allow students to budget for their expenses more effectively. Most student apartments and houses close to universities begin booking up quickly once the semester starts, so it is best to start looking for one by spring break.


Students are seeking more than just four walls. They want to connect with their fellow students, feel safe and comfortable in their homes away from home, and access amenities that elevate the resident experience.

Provide lounges and recreation areas for your residents to relax, play games, and interact with one another. Consider adding BBQ pits for them to enjoy the outdoors!

Installing a video intercom system can be a big convenience for your residents. This can help them monitor who comes and goes from the building and allows delivery drivers to request entrance easily. You should also have a washer and dryer on-site, as this is a crucial amenity for students living away from home.


Parents put a high value on their student’s safety, which means student housing needs to take a proactive approach. Student properties must address guest access and trespassing, as well as deal with a high number of unannounced visitors. Students also want a place to relax and study in peace without being disturbed by noise from their roommates or neighbors. A video intercom system is a good option for allowing delivery drivers and helping residents monitor who comes in and out of their property. Having a dedicated study space is a must as well. It’s also a good idea to have an alarm installed in emergencies.


The problem with student housing, as offered by schools, is that many colleges accept more students than they have on-campus space. That leaves a lot of students having to find private off-campus rentals in nearby neighborhoods. These apartments are typically designed for students and therefore offer more cost-effective utilities than you’ll get from an apartment that caters to a more general population. You also have more flexibility with your lease terms than landlords who rent to families or individuals. Make sure to take your time when choosing a rental property. That way, you’ll be able to ensure that it meets your needs and budget requirements.


While student housing is typically synonymous with dorms, private apartment complexes primarily rented to students can offer some of the best student accommodation options. These are usually located as close to campus as possible and are designed to be student-centric. Students also benefit from these apartments’ flexible leasing terms based on school semesters. This allows them to take a break or move on before graduating. On-campus residences, however, are limited to current students and leave only a short window for finding other accommodations. Before choosing a student rental, it is important to check its water and electricity services. If these are not properly managed, tenants can run up unsustainable bills.


A fast internet connection is essential for students who use the internet for research, studying, and staying in touch with friends and family. It is advisable to consider the available internet connection choices before choosing student accommodation. Proximity to campus is an important factor for many students as it means classrooms are only a short walk away from the residence, dining hall, and library. On-campus housing also provides a sense of community and support. Traditional dormitories offer shared rooms with communal bathrooms, but most schools have other options, including apartment-style quarters. These generally cost more than dorms but offer increased privacy and flexibility.

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