Top Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business

Boosting sales requires more than just taking out an ad in the newspaper and waiting for the phone to ring. Here are three marketing tips to ensure long-term success and growth.

Go Vertical

While it may seem counterintuitive not to cast the widest possible net when trying to reach potential customers, if you have a niche product or service then vertical marketing is often more beneficial. By targeting your advertising and outreach to the customers who are most likely to use what you offer, you’ll get much more bang for your buck.

With expertise in fields as diverse as sports, lifestyle, and technology, Record Scratch CEO Howard Mittman knows firsthand the importance of vertical marketing to support sustainable growth. As businesses become more focused with their offerings, their marketing teams are capitalizing on the power of content creation and social media outreach to connect with the clients most likely to become buyers.

Support Your Community

Doing good in your community benefits your business in any number of ways. By fostering connections with individuals, organizations, and other like-minded enterprises, you’re increasing your potential customer base without having to pay for a marketing campaign. When you sponsor a local sports team, volunteer for charitable activities, or fund a scholarship program, you’re getting your name in front of people and painting your business in a positive light.

Being visible through community support is also a great way to attract top talent to your employee pool. Job candidates feel good about joining an organization that gives back, and studies have shown that employees are more productive and satisfied at companies that are socially responsible. Giving-oriented businesses also tend to have increased retention rates, so the money you invest in your community may come back to you in the form of lower hiring expenses.

Keep Customers To Boost Your Bottom Line

Statistics demonstrate that it is easier to sell new, or additional, products and services to existing customers than it is to people who have never patronized your business. For that reason, spending your marketing dollars on retaining current clients is often a smarter move than trolling for new buyers.

Fostering connections is a key way to keep customers happy and buying from you. Frequent communication is a great starting point, whether you reach out with regular email newsletters or send periodic promotional offers to pique interest. Never underestimate the power of personal connections; a hand-written note of thanks or a follow-up call to check in on how a new product is working out for a valued client can create customers for life. Remember that satisfied customers do more than just bring you their own repeat business; loyal buyers also provide recommendations and word-of-mouth support that results in new clients walking through your door.

From vertical marketing to community outreach to customer retention, these tools will go a long way toward making your business more successful. Whether you have an entire marketing team behind you or you’re growing your enterprise all on your own, incorporate these ideas to build a beneficial promotional plan.

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