The Importance of Network Monitoring

There was a time years ago when there were few options for knowing when your network was down. You would often find out because of a call form a customer to complain about the problem. For many businesses, those days are over. Fortunately, you can now use an ISP monitor to ensure your awareness of any issues that could potentially affect your Internet services. For the most part, you no longer have to react to network emergencies, you can respond to them before they impact users.

Network monitoring allows you to mitigate the loss of productivity and profits. It’s also a way of maintaining customer satisfaction since no website user is happy when it goes down. Network monitoring is wide-ranging and can include watching virtual servers, wireless devices, routers and switches, and applications around the clock. This means you can identify potential issues related to critical network technology before they occur and you can fix the problem quickly before it’s exacerbated.

The very idea of an outage can create anxiety among IT teams because the cause can be difficult to pinpoint. It could be caused by environmental factors, an error in configuration or a simple mistake – nobody is perfect. The implementation of a network monitoring system is an easy way to prevent any type of outage from occurring, regardless of the source. It lets you stay a few steps ahead of problems by uncovering them through the use of performance data. For the most part, data produced is easily accessible and easy to comprehend.

Given the potential costs involved in an outage, network monitoring provides you with an opportunity to fix issues before any costs are incurred. You can often identify the problem through real-time network maps and a status window that allows you to see variations in metrics that could be an indication that a problem is on the horizon. Advancements in automation have also improved the capabilities of network monitoring. In some cases, you can even resolve issue remotely without having to travel to a specific location.

Although it’s possible that there are significant costs involved in the acquisition of network monitoring software, the truth is that the return on your investment will become evident in a short amount of time. Most technical teams deal with a demanding workload that often includes complicated projects. By identifying a network monitoring solution that works for your business, you can boost the productivity of your IT team and accelerate the troubleshooting and problem resolution process.

Companies that have geographically dispersed facilities are often more likely to see the tremendous value in network monitoring tools. It allows IT to monitor cloud technologies, wireless devices and sensors that can be an indication of suspicious activity on the network. Being able to resolve these kinds of issues quickly can also help you satisfy laws and regulations related to information security. By providing first level security, a network monitoring system can help you maintain an optimal up time percentage by facilitating a proactive approach to resolving potential issues.


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