Items That You Should Store In Climate-Controlled Storage in Victoria

Low or high temperatures, together with high humidity, are the major causes of damage to stored items. While attics, closets, garages, and basements are great for items that can withstand varying moisture and temperature levels, some things require some extra care as far as storage is concerned. For such items, you should choose climate-controlled storage in Victoria, BC to protect your valuables. This article looks at some of the items that are prone to conditional damage and should be stored in climate-controlled units.

Important Documents

Varying temperature and moisture levels easily damage documents, so you should consider storing them in climate-controlled units. If you leave your important documents in wet or moist conditions, they are likely to turn yellow or break down. Whether sentimental or personal, all your documents should be stored in a dry area. Some of the documents that you should keep in climate-controlled storage in Victoria include children’s artwork and school papers, old medical records, legal documents, and photographs. You can also use plastic sheets to encase the documents before storing them for added protection.

Valuable Electronics

Electronics should be stored in climate-controlled units. Extremely high or low temperatures can damage the inner parts of electronics. Even if you have enough storage space in your basement, attic or garage, do not use these places to store your valuable electronics that you are not using currently. Some of the electronics that you should store in climate-controlled storage in Victoria, BC include computers, gaming systems, audio equipment, stereos and TVs – especially plasmas and flat screens. Ensure that you move and store your valuable electronics in a vertical position to protect their internal systems.

Home Furnishings

Avoid varying moisture and temperature levels with climate-controlled storage in Victoria to protect your favourite home furnishings from discolouring, cracking, or warping. Some of these include antique pieces, mattresses and bedding, leather chairs and sofas, and wood furniture. If you do not have enough space in your house for some of your favourite furnishings and you do not want to sell or give them away, look for a climate-controlled storage unit and keep it there until you have space for it.


You invest lots of money in your wardrobe, so store your favourite clothing pieces properly for them to last. If you do not have enough space in your home for all your clothes and you want them safe, you should look for a climate-controlled storage unit. With this solution, you will prevent problems related to insects, mould or mildew. For added freshness, you should place a dryer sheet between stacks of items or individual items while packing.


Items of any type that you truly value and love are worth protecting. If you have some valuable items that you want to store safely, look for a good storage facility that has climate-controlled units. If you are looking for storage in Victoria, BC, you should compare several facilities first and choose one that offers units that suit your needs. When choosing a storage unit, ensure that you pick one that will be adequate for your items.

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