Equipment Sales and Rentals in Canada

Whether you are constructing an office, a home or are excavating a construction site, you need to have the right equipment in order to handle the job effectively. The best part to this is that there are companies that sell, repair and offer reliable rentals of different kinds of construction and industrial equipment. They have a large assortment of brand new, as well as used equipment that is suitable for a range of applications.

Equipment Sales and Rentals in Canada

If you are working on a project that requires special equipment in Canada, you will find companies that are focused on providing the best equipment sales, rentals and maintenance services. Their equipment is always kept in top working order, hence you are always assured of optimal performance. Whether you need reliable track loaders or construction equipment rentals, these companies can fully meet your needs. They have specialized in providing:

1. Track Loaders

When handling any building or construction project, you need to have the right equipment, resources and crew in order to complete the venture successfully. Fortunately, these companies have highly-efficient and durable track loaders  that can be used to:

a) Dig and fill up holes, trenches and foundations
b) Fulfill general landscaping
c) Collect and transport sharp or heavy objects
d) Transport materials like dirt, snow, sand, gravel, rocks, wood chips, mulch, or demolition debris from one place to another.

2. Bobcat and Skid Steers

If you need a compact, agile and maneuverable solution for digging holes or moving mounds of materials, skid steers or bobcats can be the best option. They can dig beneath structures with low overhead clearance and can dig holes from the inside, something that typical excavators cannot do. If you want to rent a heavy-duty skid steer that can handle tough or extensive projects, these companies can provide you with the best at affordable rates.

3. Compressors and Boosters

In case you are in serious need of portable power to use on your construction site, boosters and compressors can come in handy. Luckily, these companies have some of the best high-pressure and conventional air compressors, as well as boosters that they offer at very affordable rental rates. Their equipment is safe, energy-efficient and quite reliable.

4. Mini Excavators

If you had planned to lay a strong foundation for your new building, but realized that you needed to dig up a little more land and the worksite is not large enough for a full-sized conventional excavator, these experts can provide you with a mini excavator. This is a compact, yet equally effective excavator that can be used even in small spaces. It is a lightweight and versatile unit that is easy to transport, is not easily prone to damage and operates more quietly.

These companies also offer sales and reliable rentals for tractors, track machines, and telescopic handlers, among other types of equipment. Moreover, they also offer different equipment parts and attachments at very affordable prices. If your equipment has become faulty, these companies have seasoned mechanics that can diagnose, repair and service it quite efficiently. Whether you need affordable industrial or construction equipment rentals in Canada, these companies can help.

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