Different Types of Protective Packaging in Calgary

Products are shipped out every day. Their packages and parcels are the containers carrying them from one place to another, but these should not be confused with protective packaging like heat sealers. When it comes to protective packaging in Calgary, it is designed with the purpose of protecting mailed products from any physical damage and harm. During shipping, packages are exposed
to dropping and rough handling, which makes them susceptible to damage. However, you do not have to tolerate damage with your item s, and there are different varieties of protective packaging in Calgary that can help you out, including bubble bags, packing peanuts, packing paper, padded divider sets and packaging foam. Read on to learn how these packaging products differ, and when and how to use each.

Packaging Peanuts

Also known as foam peanuts, packing peanuts are foam-based, and they belong to a class of their own. Packing peanuts bear a resemblance to a peanut shape, and in size, they are pretty close to unshelled peanuts. Packing peanuts serve as filler for protecting fragile things. They take up empty room and closely surround the things they protect. Packing peanuts are usually incorporated in cardboard boxes, and they produce a cushioning effect.

Bubble Bags

Also known as bubble wrap bags, bubble bags are a kind of protective packaging in Calgary comprised of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can take several forms, but the most noticeable ones are bubble bags. They are bag-like creations made of air-filled pockets that protect things wrapped in them. You can also find bubble bags in roll form to wrap things. These bags also offer the dual
advantage of packaging and protection. It takes a lot of pressure and energy to pop a sufficient amount of bubbles to make a mailed item insecure. With bubble bags, your mailed items will get to their destination safely.

Packaging Foam

This forms the biggest protective packaging category. Packaging foam includes a wide range of items that can be cut and shaped into any form that is most suitable for a specific item. When products are enclosed in packing foam, they are safe from accidents. Different from packing peanuts, the foam is denser and larger. There is no absolute shape for the packaging
foam, and popular types include foam rolls, sponge rolls, sheets, and egg crates. Packing foam is varied in its makeup, thus there is hardly a single standard material. The foam can be wrapped separately to your preference together with a specific product. This protective packaging group is measured by strength. Packaging foam can be custom-made for the protection level required for a specific item.

Other common protective packaging categories include padded divider sets and packing paper.

Safeguard Your Property

When shipping and moving supplies, protective packaging in Calgary is necessary. There is no general kind of protective packaging that can be applied to all products, and the categories discussed here cover most applications. It is important to use the correct protective packaging for different items, and this can be the difference between intact, safe shipments and damaged ones.







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