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The Benefits Of Ready Mix Concrete.

In the UK and especially in the capital city of London, construction never seems to stop. It seems the city is getting bigger, wider and taller everyday and new building and renovations of current buildings are occurring on an ongoing basis. No matter what kind of building or renovating you are doing, it is very likely that concrete will be involved in the job. Mixing your concrete on site is a difficult task and requires a lot of manpower and also quite a number of things like sand and others and they all have to be mixed together. It is time consuming and therefore expensive. Thankfully, there is a solution in the form of ready mix concrete.

Saves Money.

Ready mix concrete is created by mixing five important components together. Water, Cement, air, aggregate, both coarse and fine, and admixture, are all combined together and if you contact ready mix concrete suppliers in London, they will deliver it to a construction site in a ready mixed and unhardened state. This cuts down on the time you would have used for construction and speeds the job up considerably. You save money because you don’t use any more than you need, the labour costs are reduced and there is no storage. These ready mix concrete suppliers have the exact ingredients added, thus reducing wastage and saving you money.

Quality control.

It is all about quality control in the building industry in the UK and having to mix concrete on site is a major headache for engineers and construction companies alike. The water and cement ratios are almost impossible to get exactly right and figuring out the aggregates in their different quantities is a nightmare. With ready mix concrete, you are always assured that the mix is correct and is the same every time. State of the art machinery is used by the ready mix concrete suppliers, so you don’t have to worry about such things. You order what you need, they take it to where you want it and everyone is happy.

Environmentally Friendly.

As we know, about eighty percent of the greenhouse gases are dispersed due to the energy used when the heating and cooling of a building takes place. However, concrete wall systems that are insulated, provide thermal efficiency and the best performance over the lifetime of the building. Because these businesses and domestic premises are installing concrete walls, they are not subjected to the different temperature ups and downs and this can significantly lower the costs involved in heating and cooling the inside rooms. Smaller output equipment can be installed like air conditioners and ventilation systems and utility bills are reduced.


Over the lifetime of the building, concrete will definitely stand the test of time due to its durability and great strength. Water, which does affect other types of building material, has no effect on concrete and it actually gets stronger over time. Ready mix concrete is a great way to get the job done right and also saves you money.



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