Growing Industries You Might Want to Look Into in Mississauga

When it comes to the job market, things are up and down. You may already have a job and career field that you work in, but ultimately, you do not think it is right for you. Many adults change career fields multiple times over the years or switch jobs at least a few times. Now more than ever, that is continuing to be a trend.

Today we’re talking about job fields and industries that are growing. If you are interested in these types of jobs, maybe it’s time for a career switch. Or, if you’re young and going to be attending college, this might influence your choice. Read on and find out more!


Growing Industries You Might Want to Look Into




Are you interested in the welding industry? Custom welding and steel welding in Mississauga is only projected to grow. Welding is a specialized field and businesses that specialize in custom welding jobs continue to do well. If you want to go into steel welding in Mississauga, it’s a good area to specialize in, as people are constantly calling who need jobs to be done.


Certified Court Reporter


A certified court reporter is also known as a stenographer and they take down everything that happens in a courtroom. They are the ones who are typing up a transcript in real time of what is said during the court case.


The field of court reporting continues to grow, as court cases are steadily on the rise. While technology is gradually helping with court reporting, it continues to be unreliable compared to a court reporter and thus, there is no real threat of this position being replaced by computers any time soon.




Men and women are starting to turn to nursing as their career choice simply because of its job opportunities and their passion for care. Being a nurse is a great job because you are not only going to have a good chance of being hired, but you also get a decent income and it’s reliable. You also have the ability to move up or get trained in different aspects of medicine so that you can eventually branch out to some other area of care or medicine if you like.




Being a counsellor is quite an in-demand job at the moment. This is true, whether it’s for relationships, marriage counselling, drug and alcohol addiction counselling, and more. Counsellors can help you to work on whatever issues you might be going through and while it is a challenging field, it can also be a very rewarding one, too. While you usually have to have a degree for this type of work, there are plenty of areas where you can apply your degree once you have it.




Accounting continues to be a thriving field, as people and businesses need accountants for a variety of reasons. It could be bookkeeping or for tax purposes, but there remains a continued demand for accountants who have training and education in the field. If you have an eye for detail and are good with numbers, then accounting is a growing career field that may be a perfect fit for you.



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