What to Keep in Mind when Organising an event and Choosing an AV Rental Company

If you’ve been tasked with organising an event and finding the best AV rental company to supply the necessary audiovisual elements, it can be an arduous task especially if you do not know which company offers the best audiovisual equipment in the market, at the most competitive price.

So, we have prepared this article because we know how complicated it is to organise an event and choose, for example, the best microphone, the best sound table or the best speakers on the market, that give you sharpness and do not distort the message you want to convey to your audience, whatever the nature of the event.

Types of events

The organisation of an event usually has a clear purpose: a meeting point, to meet clients, to meet with other firms, to meet new suppliers, to explain about your new product, or to test the opinion of your regular consumers. There are also congresses, press conferences, etc.

In any of these cases, it is essential to work with an audiovisual hire company and a team of professionals who know how to handle such events and to get the most out of them. Your success will depend to a large extent on this.

Not choosing the best can cost!

You, or someone you know, remember attending a conference in which the speaker was too far away for the mic or their pin microphone did not work well, always sounding choppy. Or a music concert in which some instrument had an excessive sound presence to the detriment of the rest of the orchestra or where the voice of the vocalist was distorted or sounded too strident with respect to the drums or the electric guitar. Sometimes the public is questioned to give their opinion on the speech that someone has just given but there is no hand-held mic with which to collect their comments, their impressions, or their answers clearly.

In this way, the spirit of the event is diluted, the objective is damaged, the message does not arrive, or it does so in a distorted way. It’s what happens when you do not hire the services of a serious audiovisual hire company. Real professionals are used to any incident that is related to audiovisual services they provide to their clients. They know how to handle all the elements that have to do with the audio and video and they know how to solve complex problems or get the best results in technically challenging circumstances


In order for everything to come out as you wish, it is necessary for you to share with the AV rental company all your ideas and all your wishes. Explain what objectives you are looking for when organising your event and allow them to study the case to see what audiovisual tools you will need to rent. Professional AV rental companies are the most technologically advanced. They are up-to-date with innovation because in the matter of organising events it is paramount for the success of many events.

Services provided

If you have an idea for your event and you know that contracting an AV rental company to get the necessary equipment will improve the image you want to project of your company in that event, then make sure the company you consider has the right experience.

Look for a company which has given audiovisual coverage to countless public institutions and organisations, private companies and individuals: legal conferences, fashion shows, medicine symposiums, technological innovation launchings, product presentations, inaugurations of buildings or establishments, congresses of all kinds, all kinds of fairs, and live broadcasts.

Always go for quality and professionalism above all else; it makes all the difference when it comes to your event. Get quotes, and based on your budget, and what you are looking for, make your final choice.


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