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The Benefits of Operating from a Premium Office Space in Australia  

Australia and New Zealand are fertile ground for lucrative business opportunities. Whether working out of the country or moving closer to the many urban business districts, you can pretty much find a market for most ventures. However, while setting out your shingle in some rustic enclave might sound inviting and even romantic, the reality is the closer you are to the city the more likely you are to grow your business.

Not only is there more opportunity for growing a business the closer you are to the city, but there are other benefits to working in the city. For one, you get the advantage of working in some of the most prestigious locations in and around the area. In addition, by working in some of these locations, you also have better access to some of the conveniences that make running a business easier.

Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of operating your business from a premium office location in Australia.


The best advantage of leasing premium office space is that many times these spaces sit in close proximity to city transit and other sources of foot traffic. Additionally, another reason premium office space is a plus for many businesses is the fact that many of the offices sit in close proximity to some of the most bustling central business districts (CBDs). Servcorp’s offices, for example, are usually found in and around these areas. Choose from 28 premium office space locations in Australia and New Zealand to see where some of their offices are located.



One irony about premium office space is that, while many of these offices sit in some of the more well-respected streets, the overhead provides businesses with quite a bit of flexibility. Typically, to rent office space in some of these areas you would have to fork over a small fortune. However, advances in office space have created the opportunity for those who have to adhere to a strict budget to lease space in the more affluent areas can do so.

Alternative leasing options include the serviced office (fully furnished), the executive suite (fully furnished), the virtual office and co-working spaces. With each one of these office set-ups, you really are leasing the use of space as opposed to leasing the whole building. In addition, most of the amenities you would pay for as a part of an office are included in the contract. For these reasons, these alternatives to the conventional lease drastically reduce your monthly overhead making leasing premium office space work to your business’s advantage.



First impressions do matter, and while this saying is a bit cliché, the image you impress on clients and other business prospects speaks volumes about your professionalism. An office that sits in a premium location not only provides your business with a respectable address and dedicated phone number but it will also most likely be fitted out with the latest technologies and the finest in office space furnishings. When your clients and other prospects look at your business card and see your office is in one of these desirable areas, your business commands a certain amount of respect.


The Advantages Of Premium Office Space

Premium office space is valued because these highly sought after areas do more than come with a hefty price tag. Instead, premium office space in many ways equates with prestige, and more significantly, professionalism. Anyone from the savvy business owner to the start-up also benefits from the advantages of having your office located in close proximity to CBDs and other beneficial areas.


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