Riding Safely In The Hot Weather in Bonnyville

When the summer weather checks in, the biking enthusiasts bring out their motorcycles from the garages and hit the highway. However, the heat can become extreme on some occasions. When the heat gets hotter than your normal body temperature, then dehydration and heat exhaustion may pose a real threat and within no time you will be in so much trouble. Below we have compiled some useful tips to help you handle the extreme heat while riding your motorcycle in Cold Lake. Apart from keeping yourself safe in the heat, you need to make sure your motorcycle is in great shape. If you would like to own a motorcycle in Bonnyville, you can visit a dealership near you and check out the options available for you.


When it gets really hot, then you better wear insulating clothing instead of wearing minimal clothes. When the atmospheric temperature is higher than your body temperature, your body is bound to get even hotter due to the intense heat. When cruising at highway speeds, the hot air makes your body much hotter pretty fast. Therefore, instead of wearing your beachwear, you should opt for riding pants, a riding jacket, gloves, and insulated boots. These help by keeping the hot air away from your skin. Moreover, they shield your skin from the harmful sun rays that cause sunburn. Yes, you might sweat intensely, but the insulation will keep you hydrated and in excellent shape.


For this cooling system to work effectively, you must resort to extreme hydration. Begin drinking lots of water prior to the commencement of your long ride. By hydrating intensively, you will have a solid foundation that will keep you hydrated for the rest of the trip. However, you should also keep a bottle of water close by. While riding, you can squirt the water on your bandana or squirt some of the water in your mouth. Remember to stop regularly for a refill. While making the stops, you will get some cooling off time as well before you head out again. You may additionally use electrolyte water or a sports drink to supplement water intake. The electrolytes are vital for proper brain, organ, and muscle functioning.

Evaporation Cooling

Your body cools itself naturally by sweating and when you sweat, you can actually feel the cooling effect. When wrapped in insulative clothes, the sweat will not evaporate properly. If you want to cool off efficiently, keep a bandana or a scarf around your neck. The bandana must stay wet because the cooling effect only happens when water evaporates from it. You should cool off around your neck because the area contains numerous blood vessels that run beneath your skin. By cooling this area, you effectively help by pumping cool blood all over your body.

You Could Wait For the Riding Conditions to Get Better

It is often easier to postpone the trip until the heat reduces. However, when commuting to the office, you might not have a choice regarding when you can ride your motorcycle in Cold Lake. If you plan to embark on a long-distance tour, consider leaving earlier.

At times, hot weather is unavoidable, but if you must ride your bike in the heat, the tips outlined will prove helpful. Riding a motorcycle in Bonnyville, especially when it’s extremely hot, exposes you to many hazards. Apply the tips provided and enjoy a safer riding experience.

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