Tips To Keep Your Windshield From Cracking in Winnipeg

So, picture this: you are driving on the highway and then suddenly you notice a crack has formed on your windshield. You are shocked at first, but soon shelf the thought. It does not move you, and you feel you have nothing to worry about. But unfortunately, this is not the case. The crack you ignore will soon transform into a big crack, especially if it is winter. When it gets big enough, the windshield will shatter.

To keep the small crack from spreading and your windshield from shattering, below are some tips you can use.

Make use of kits for auto glass repair in Winnipeg.

You can find these kits in local stores that deal with car parts and repair tools. The kit can provide you with a temporary option until you have time to drive into a garage for chip repair in Winnipeg. While the repair kit comes in handy, you should never use it as a substitute for professional chip repair in Winnipeg. Professionals have the technical know-how and skill to repair and ensure that the chip never comes back to haunt you.

Park in the shade

Parking under shade is best when you are in the great outdoors. If you can find some space to park indoors, it is even better. Why is this recommended? Well, when you are enjoying nature, you also expose your car to many elements that can have adverse effects on the chip on your windshield. Elements such as snow, wind, rain and even the sun can cause the chip to spread. Parking in the shade protects your car from the sun. It may not entirely protect the windshield from other weather elements, but it will reduce the impact.

Have the chip professionally repaired

Professional auto glass repair in Winnipeg is by far the best way to handle a chip on your windshield. However, repair can only be carried out when the crack is small and only a few inches. Anything bigger will require a replacement.

That said, when a chip is noticed, take it for auto glass repair in Winnipeg at the first chance you get.

Nail polish works wonders

If the chip on the windshield is small, you can apply some nail polish to it to at least try and seal the crack. But again, like repair kits, it is only a temporary fix. You can apply several coats of polish. Allow each coat to dry. It is best that you apply the nail polish on both sides of the chip.

Use Superglue

If you cannot afford a repair kit, you can make use of super glue. It comes in many brands, but they all are the same and can get the job done if the crack is small. Force the glue into the chip and spread it thinly and evenly. The glue will hold the crack in place and keep it from spreading for a while.

Note that aside from professional repair, the rest is temporary. Nonetheless, these methods can help to deal with the chip for a while before you get professional help.

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