The Best Corporate Gifts to Give to Your Team

Are you trying to decide what to give your team as a reward? Or how to get off on the right foot with new employees?

Corporate gifts are a detail that the company shares to show appreciation, congratulations or recognition, and can also be part of an organisational communication strategy.

Giving calendars, mats or pens is the most usual, especially on specific dates. But the main drivers of the brand are the employees, and many companies also use this simple gesture with them, showing their respect and consideration.

Personalised and useful

A personalised notebook with the name of the employee is the most common corporate gift. It is useful, they will always take it with them and having their name printed on it makes them feel part of the company and recognised in it.

Gifts for the desk are also very useful to give to office workers. It allows them to have practical and at the same time personal objects in their workspace. Among these types of gifts, the best ones are a cup with their name, a calculator, card holders, mouse mats, rulers or slide holders with a built-in digital calendar, etc.

Not only are useful objects given away, but also gifts that can bring a more personal touch to the desk, such as a photo frame or even anti-stress balls.


Corporate gifts for new employees

There is a practice that is spreading widely among companies, especially when they recruit a profile that is very sought after and necessary. It is to offer the new incorporations welcome packs for workers, something that undoubtedly constitutes an incentive for employees who join the family.

This type of gift began to be awarded to companies with a great reputation, when they realised that the first loyalty they had to get was their own employees and they had to do it, also, from the first moment so that their feeling about the company were positive even on their first day.

There are many types of welcome packs for employees and it all depends on the type of company or office you have. The simplest can be a pack of practical items for everyday life, such as a personalised notebook, a pen, a cup for coffee and a penholder for the desk.

There are deeper ones, which try to captivate the employee by offering, through the gifts, a story about the company: its beginnings, its philosophy … something that touches the sensibility to give more value to a simple material gift. There are even companies that include their rules in these gifts.

Out of the ordinary

And finally, in younger companies such as start-ups, where the environment can become more relaxed, corporate gifts try to distance themselves from traditional objects and offer their employees promotional gifts a little more out of the ordinary, such as a jelly bean bag.

The most popular corporate gifts

In addition to all those described above, there are more regular corporate gifts that are given to employees. Custom cotton bags are a star item in business gift lists. They are also practical and as they are used to transport things, they allow the employee to wear the brand always visible when they use it. The same goes for personalised backpacks, a very necessary element for workers who spend more time on trips than sitting in front of the desk.

Another very visual element for the company and very useful for its employees is the corporate umbrella. They will be glad to have it when the rain unexpectedly catches them.

The most original gifts for employees

By using your imagination, all kinds of gifts can be offered. Some of the most original companies that choose to stand out from the most classic are these:

  • Purses and piggy banks: if you work for money, why not offer an object to keep it? This type of gift is less frequent, and at the same time very original. A wallet that is always carried or a piggy bank to put on the desk or at home is always a good memory of the company.
  • Gifts for pets: animal lovers will be much more satisfied taking a gift home for their pet than for themselves. From drinkers to teethers or a hair remover or a bag holder for when the dog is taken out for a walk.
  • Travel objects: whether employees usually travel for work or if they do it in their free time, travel accessories are always very useful. A suitcase scale, a cervical pillow, a plug adapter, an organiser for the car or even a mask kit and caps are the most original gifts for workers. If what they like to do in their leisure time is to ride a bicycle, you can even give personalised bike rings.

Corporate gifts can be as original as the imagination wants. The important thing is that they fulfill their objective: to give workers a good impression and make them feel a fundamental part of a common project such as a company.

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