Smart Ideas to Create a Hygienic and Healthy Workplace

Given that workers spend most of their time at work, it is essential to go to any length to ensure that the workplace is safe and healthy. This decreases the probability of them falling ill, increases efficiency, business turnover, and, as a result, business growth. If you haven’t considered taking adequate steps in this regard, it’s high time you do, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis.

Below we’ve covered some tried-and-true methods you can implement to keep the office clean and pleasant for your workers.

1.Bird-proof your office

Yes, it is possible to bird-proof the commercial and office spaces. These annoying little creatures are the primary source of many diseases, including the flu. Aside from the mess they make from their feces, nest items and feathers in or around your property are very dirty and unsanitary, potentially hampering occupational health.

You can take many measures, such as fencing, to keep the birds at bay. Besides the birds, other insects such as termites can also lead to many health problems. Thus, it necessitates the use of commercial bird control services to bird-proof your property. Doing so will ensure that your employees are safe from disease and medical conditions caused by birds and termites.

2.Establish a garbage disposal system

Garbage screams unprofessionalism. When left unattended for an extended period, waste becomes a breeding place for harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses. Furthermore, it emits an unpleasant odor, making the office nasty and unappealing.

You can set up a garbage disposal system at the workplace. However, implementing a garbage disposal system alone is not efficient. You must also see to it that the thrash is emptied regularly.

3.Ensure cleanliness and space in communal areas

Since company communal areas are places where workers take a break, it is critical to ensure that wet waste is correctly disposed of, snacks and drinks are not left out in the open, and sink areas are appropriately cleaned. These measures will ensure that there is no room left for insects to thrive.

Besides cleanliness, even spacing plays a vital role in ensuring optimal hygiene. Compact places are more prone to germs and bacteria. You need to ensure that the gathering areas such as canteens have ample spacing between the tables and chairs. Of course, cleaning is still the priority even after having a wide communal area.

4.Set up eating and smoking zones

As mentioned in the section of communal areas, food residues are known for carrying germs, so it is best to designate a location where food can be consumed. It is also a good idea to specify such areas of the office as non-eating zones to avoid littering all over the workplace.

Similarly, even though smoking is prohibited in some workplaces, it is best to designate a smoking zone to avoid air pollution and keep the premises, furniture, and walls free of nicotine smells. Warn the workers that failure to comply with the smoking policy will have significant consequences. Believe me when I say that this will fix most of the office-related health concerns.

5.Ensure ventilation

You might not see the direct connection between ventilation and hygiene. The thing is that they are both interconnected. While there is not much evidence available to connect ventilation with a reduced risk of transmission, there are several studies that insufficient ventilation can increase disease transmission chances.

You need to install more and more windows in your office to ensure optimal ventilation. Having a garden area with beautiful plants can also help improve ventilation. While the ventilation is not directly connected with hygiene, it can surely help your employees stay healthy.

6.Clean washrooms

A clean washroom is the most significant element in ensuring a safe and hygienic workplace because filthy bathrooms house many germs, bacteria, foul smell, and other pollutants. As a result, ensure the restrooms are washed and disinfected daily.

Due to the increase in covid-19 cases, make sure hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial soap, and running tap water are available. Furthermore, careful handling or recycling of sanitary pads is imperative since they include several disease-causing bodily fluids.

Finally, it is essential to make cleaning wipes and tissues readily available to all workers and provide clean toilets. Besides saving them trips to the restroom, they would be encouraged to practice their cleaning routine regularly.

The provision of a safe, clean, healthy, and protected workplace is not only a right of all workers but also an ethical duty for you as an employer. Apart from the increased productivity, turnover, and market development, it also aids in lowering employee turnover, training time, and establishing a clean and respectable image of the company in the eyes of visitors, clients, investors, and other vital identities. So, to prosper and flourish, consider embracing these practices right away.

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