Selecting a Wedding Venue: What to Do and What to Look For in Oakville

Are you looking at wedding venues in Oakville right now? If you answered yes, you’re in luck: we’re giving you a crash course today in what to do and look for so you’re moving ahead, right on schedule.

What to Do

– Search online for venues to get an idea of what each provides.

– Call venues. Make appointments to go look for them.

– Attend venues. If there are bars or food served there, it’s a good chance to get an honest look at the venue and management.

– Ask questions. It’s the only way to get good answers, after all.

What to Look For

– The look and feel you want. If you don’t love it, don’t book it. Period.
– Affordability. If you have a budget, keep that in mind when scouting.
– Location. You might want it to be close to hotels near Vaughan Mills or just closer to home.
– Good management and staff. Good service and staff are worth their weight in gold.
– Capacity. Make sure you can fit all your guests in.
– Extras. Do they offer in-house catering or have outlets for music? Be sure to ask!


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