Requirements to pass the HGV driving test

Are you at least 18 years old and in possession of a full driver’s licence? Then you already have two of the key requirements to become an HGV driver. You’ll also need to have passed the theory element of the test by scoring at least 67 out of 100 on hazard perception and multiple choice. Now you can move on to the practical test and then start your HGV career.

What’s involved in the practical test?

If you want to become a lorry driver then you need to be physically fit to pass the practical test. You must demonstrate that you can drive on the open road, dealing with hazards, using mirrors and signals and doing a controlled stop and pull away.

You’ll also need to show you can do an S shaped reverse into a parking bay and undertake the coupling and uncoupling procedure if you decide to take your test with a lorry and trailer.

How do I pass?

You need to make 15 or fewer driving faults and commit zero serious or dangerous faults. If you fail then you can book another test after 3 working days.

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Any tips?

– Always remember to bring both parts of your licence to the test centre plus your theory test pass certificate – no documents means no test!
– Practice on the roads in your test area and go for a pre-test drive of no more than 45 minutes so you’re fresh and ready for the test itself.
– Do your vehicle check before the test so you’re familiar with all the areas for the show me/tell me questions.
– Dress for success – comfortable and clean work attire and driving boots or shoes will set you up for a good drive.
– Don’t dwell on mistakes – you’re allowed up to 15 minor errors so if you make one, forget it and carry on. The same goes for the reversing exercise, so if you have a shunt make use of it to check your positioning.
– Switch off your mobile!

What next?

Once you’ve passed your test you can sort out your HGV Insurance. A reputable broker such as Quote me today can provide quotes online for hgv insurance to make it even easier.

Once you’re sorted you’ll have your pick of exciting driving jobs both home and abroad.

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