Moms and Opportunities: Online Work Ideas

It’s unbelievable how it took but one deadly virus to change everything we do on the planet,  from working to schooling to just about everything. There are still sectors in society that brand COVID-19 as a hoax. Indeed, videos are being shared of medical doctors calling the whole pandemic a great lie. Then again, who can argue about the nearly 600,000 Americans who died due to the virus and its complications? It’s really hard to manufacture such statistics if it were a lie.

Thus, you must face the reality of staying at home as a mom these days. As many companies have opted for their workers to work online from home, you’re likely one of those who need to attend to a job and the kids at the same time. Or you could be one of the many who have lost their jobs thanks to the shrinking of the economy and are thinking of ways to earn some while staying in place.

The good news is even when you’re busy tending to the kids, you can still earn decent money to add to your family income. There are many options you can try to build a home-based career with greater flexibility. Here are four that you can explore as soon as time permits.

Offer a Service Online

Think of online as a big marketplace or a big open country fair. The fact is the internet is the biggest place to find services and goods connecting everyone on the planet. What you need is just a tiny bit of this humongous market.

Indeed, this is a glorious opportunity for you. The number of services that you can offer right from the four corners of your room is unlimited.

So how do you go about it?

First stop, take time to review your own strengths. What are your professional talents? What are the things you’re good at? You should take time and write things down.

Take note that a lot of people need services. Some of these services include proofreading, writing, graphic design, bookkeeping, to name a few. Your company history should be a good start. It’s time you get paid for your expertise.

There are two markets you can choose to target. You can serve the public or business to consumers (B2C). Alternatively, you can choose to target other businesses or go business to business (B2B).

And don’t worry, you can advertise online for free. Here’s where to start.

Sell Products Online

Yes, another way for you to earn is to sell products online. There’s no limit to how many you can sell so long as you can source it. And if you’re worried you don’t have anything to sell, you can always sell 3rd party products via dropshipping. The supplier (e.g., Amazon) allows you to sell their product, and you get a cut whenever someone purchases. It’s a win-win scenario.

Even better, you can tap carrier pickup services of the US Postal Service so someone can pick your package from your house and deliver it.

Just one caveat, though. To make a successful run online, you need to have internet access. Having a reliable service 24/7 is a huge advantage on your part. It means your business will establish itself faster when you do. DSL connections should serve you well if you’re in the city.

However, for remote areas tapping into mobile satellite internet should be the better choice. Not only will you get a quality signal, but also one you can rely on wherever you go with portable satellite internet. In short, your business can go anywhere you want it to.

Sell Educational Products Online

The good thing about the internet is millions of people rely on it for information. And right there is another potential income stream for you.

You can earn by selling educational products online. An impressive way to start is to create an ebook. You need not even write it; someone can write an ebook for you as a ghostwriter. Ebooks are a great way to earn. The advantage is huge. Once the order is done and payments are made, you can send the ebook automatically online. That’s pretty convenient for you, as you won’t have to pay for shipping.

Find a Niche and Start a Blog

Come to think of it, blogs are a fun way to earn. To go about making money from one, start with a topic you truly love. Share relevant stories and experiences. Once your audience catches up, you can create income streams by connecting with Google AdSense and other online advertising programs.

It’s tricky and takes time. But as soon as you gain a following, your income stream should be a lot easier to arrive at. And in time, while many of your friends still report to an 8-to-5 job, you will have traveled to the four corners of the globe with your family in tow.

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