How to stay safe while using KIK?

KIK believes that online safety is extremely important. They believe that their users need to feel protected and secured at the time of using their services. For this reason, this messaging app is constantly taking measures to improve safety measures and trust. There are times, however, when people question, is KIK used for cheating? Yes, there are times when this app is used for cheating; however, with this app, you can also catch someone cheating on you.

If you are interested to learn about the tips as to how you will enjoy using the KIK application and also stay safe online, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  1. You should only talk to those people online with whom you feel comfortable talking

When someone is sending you a message for the first time on KIK, that will appear on the “New chats” section of the application. The image or the video they will also show is blurred. If you want to ignore this person, then you have the option of ignoring or blocking the person right there from the New chats section itself.

  1. Make sure that you keep the personal information private

We certainly want you to make new friends on the KIK messaging app. However, we will never recommend you to share your details, including your phone number, address. Password etc., with this new person. Like other social media apps, a link can also be shared in KIK, where you will have to fill in your details. In such cases, where you do not recognize a particular link, make sure that you do not open it and do not share your details.

  1. You can block people with whom you do not want to chat with

You might have started chatting with someone, and while chatting, they might start making you feel uncomfortable, then you have the option to block them permanently, and they will never be able to get in touch with you. But then, at a later stage, if you want to unblock them, you can surely do that as well.

  1. In case something bad happens, make sure that you speak

On any communications platform, there is a possibility that you receive unwanted messages. In case someone uses unhealthy or inappropriate messages, then you should complain to the in-app reporting feature. KIK will try to solve the issue in the fastest way. You can also mail them to file a report on any issue related to safety. KIK has also partnered with Thorn to deal with certain issues that include child exploitation and also take measures to protect vulnerable children.

  1. Make sure that you use your best judgment

We always advise you to go with your gut feeling. If your gut feeling tells you that talking to someone or sending messages to someone is a wrong idea, then probably you are right. If you go through our community standards and Terms and Conditions, then you will come to know which behavior we allow and which we do not allow on KIK. In case you are not comfortable talking to someone anymore, then you can stop doing so.

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