How to meet prospective and eager clients

Trade shows are one of the rare opportunities for you to meet prospective and eager clients that are looking for service providers offering solutions to their problems. It is therefore a chance to make them your clients by showing how the services you offer to solve their problems.

Compared to products which can be seen through an attractive display, services are intangible and a bit hard to exhibit. With a rich experience in the trade show industry, ExpoMarketing will help you develop a well-executed plan that ensures you have unmatched display to attract clients. There are several key factors to consider when organizing for a service based trade show:

Choose a Prime Location for the Exhibition Booth

The location of your exhibition booth is vital in organizing a successful trade show. Ensure that you get a prime location where prospective clients attending the exhibition can easily locate you. This could probably be at the entrance or next to a place where people frequent a lot. Prime locations in exhibitions are often expensive and sell out fast. ExpoMarketing will assist you to get a prime location early enough and provide a customized exhibition booth.

Employ excellent Service exhibitors

A service based trade show requires excellent sales personnel with extensive knowledge of the services that you offer. The service exhibitors therefore need to have a professional look by dressing attractively in matching official company uniforms/promotional attires. They need to have excellent customer care skills and matching top-notch sales techniques to attract, engage and convince prospective clients to choose you as their service provider.

The sale exhibitors also need to be well versed with the services to respond to questions from customers and possibly offer onsite services. You may also consider using entertainers such as comedians or celebrities to be the main host as a way of attracting more clients to your booth.

Use a Variety of Attractive Exhibition Materials

A service based trade show relies on the display of materials with an excellent description of the services that you offer to clients the services that you offer. Display materials appeal to people differently. Therefore ensure that you have a variety for display purposes. You may use flyers, T-Shirts, pamphlets, and reading materials containing information about the services that you offer, office locations, contacts and possible social media accounts.

These materials are handed out to passersby and prospective clients visiting the exhibition booth after a brief explanation. However other clients are attracted to visual displays and would prefer to watch video demos. In such a case you need to have mounted HD screens or LED projectors showing videos and slideshows of the services that you offer. Consider having a strategically placed service charter with attractive graphics.

Choose the best marketing Technique

Service trade shows use a variety of marketing techniques to reach out to prospective clients. Consider using one on one sales to give prospective clients a personal touch. The clients get a deeper understanding of your services by asking questions and exchange contacts for follow ups. You can also offer free onsite services at the booth, discounted rates to clients who will use your services within a certain period and money back guarantee to clients using a certain highly priced service package. You may also offer prize money or free service to clients who win contests involving questions about the services that you offer.


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