How to Deal with Setbacks in Business

No business can have success without at least a few setbacks. A key player in your company may decide to leave, or your clients may call off a major deal, or external factors out with your control can have a negative effect on growth. Instead of feeling deflated and stressed out about your business setbacks, here is what you can do to deal with them.

Acknowledge the Problem

The first step to dealing with setbacks in your business is to recognise the problem. This is not the time to freak out or give up. Understand that setbacks are a major part of any business’s growth and there is no smooth sailing for entrepreneurs on the road to success. Take a deep breath and regroup. Look at the problem logically, and keep pushing until you uncover how it happened. Once you know what the problem is, you can begin to take proactive steps to resolve the issue.

Take full responsibility

A good leader is one who takes full responsibilities for certain outcomes. This is not to say you must blame yourself as bad things can often happen for no reason. You also cannot shift the blame to your employees or team members. Blaming others will make you feel less in control and more cautious about taking another risk.

A business setback is not a reflection of your inabilities. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Tell yourself the same thing you would tell a friend who approaches you for advice when they’re upset they didn’t succeed. Exploring the way forward is a much healthier response.

Look for the way forward

Now that you know what the problem is, it’s time to confront the problem. There is often something you need to learn to get to the next level of your business. You can usually uncover these setbacks in your company through self-awareness and experience. Although, the way forward for each entrepreneur may vary.

For instance, a business owner may realise that the financial setback his business is suffering from, may be due to a certain pattern of over-giving or undercharging customers. This might have gone unnoticed if a cash flow crisis hadn’t occurred. The way forward might be to change your strategy, and other times it may require you hone your management skills.

Reach out

Most entrepreneurs try to lift the burdens of the company alone. Once you realise you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Some business setbacks might require a new pair of eyes to look at the situation. Reaching out to your team or employees might be the way forward. They’ll most likely notice something you didn’t and can offer a new perspective. If you got a good insurance policy for your business, it would come handy at a time like this to help you recover quickly and bounce back.

If the problem requires more expertise, hire a career coach or a consultant. You can also consider outsourcing some of the tasks to third parties. For instance, if you are having issues with a marketing campaign or content creation for your company blog. You can find a qualified PR agent or firm and hand over the task to them.

You’ve got this

No matter what your business is going through right now, it will pass. You haven’t come this far to give up. So, stop mopping around, turn up the positivity and be open minded. The key to dealing with setbacks is celebrated your actions as a success in themselves. Nothing can stop you other than yourself.

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