Display Tips for Your Trade Booth 

Even as technology continues to take over the marketing realm, old school marketing methods such as trade shows and exhibitions remain quite popular and for all the right reasons. For instance, business shows and expos often attract thousands of attendees from all walks of life in search of innovative solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Such forms of marketing, therefore, offer a powerful platform for businesses to establish their presence, prove credibility and create a well rooted and also reliable brand. In addition to creating better brands, shows and exhibitions offer businesses a platform to generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads.

Nevertheless, all these benefits do not often come on a silver platter. To maximize engagement and get the best out of a trade show, you need to put in some work because gone are the days where prospects and existing clients would come to a lifeless trade booth.

If you are a first-time exhibitor and you have no idea where to start, then you are in good company as a highly proficient yet hospitable team from ExpoMarketing can help you through it all. In the meanwhile, here are some top-notch display design tips to get you started.

Be bold with your colors.

Even though there is more to an outstanding display than the colors you use, the colors are the lifeline of any trade booth as this is what will attract people to your stand and also what they will remember. Bright, outstanding colors are like magnets. They tend to draw the attention of prospects and current clients from far away alerting them of your presence.

Therefore, if the majority of the trade booths in the expo are branded in colors such as white, blue, red or gray go the extra mile by using other brighter colors, such as neon green, orange or yellow for people to take note. However, be sure to use colors that reflect your brand or creatively incorporate your brand into these colors.

Don’t forget the lights

Like colors, lights also play an integral role in the outlook of your display. They make your booth more visible, blend in with the colors to set the tone and create a spacious, comfortable ambiance, and on top of it all, they attract visitors.

Also, you can use your lighting to create focused attention, for instance, where do you want people to look when they visit your trade booth. However, be careful not to make the lights too intense and at the same time, ensure you use lights that blend in with your colors. Bright colors require subtle lighting and vice versa.

Branding! Branding! Branding!

Even with the colors and lighting making you stand out, branding is critical. Remember the primary key of trade shows and exhibitions is to market yourself and raise awareness about your existence to people who know nothing about you. Thus regardless of the size of your booth ensure that everything you exhibit is branded but be consistent with your designs, materials, and banners or on anything else that you might use for branding purposes.

To make your work easy invest in customized trade booth displays from ExpoMarketing as these will be branded according to your wishes.

Be creative with your space

Last but not least remember that space is costly at any show or expo. Keep in mind that you don’t need a large space for it to be functional. Therefore go for a space that suits your budget and be creative with it in such a way that it gives attendees enough space to view what you have and at the same time gives you and your staff enough room to handle customers who want to purchase your goods and services.


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