How Does an Intake Call Center Work for Law Firms?

Attorneys are usually busy because they always strive to do their best while accomplishing various tasks within a short time. Therefore, they need to find the best way of answering a large volume of incoming calls from clients and leads. Failing to outsource that task may lead to neglected leads and customers, wasted time and other issues. This will in turn affect the profitability and reputation of the law firm.

If your firm is struggling with managing many clients, you should outsource that task to a 24/7 call center which specializes in professionally answering your clients and converting your leads into customers. Therefore, your team will be able to focus on other income-generating activities in the firm.

How it works:

When people dial your designated office number, they will be routed to the outsourced specialists who will use a set criteria or scripts to answer their queries. The scripts the professionals will use will be customized to your company, so your clients will never know they are dealing with someone who is not in your office or business premises. All the answers from the specialists, from the greeting to the answers, will be customized according to your preferences and requirements. Moreover, the trained staff can also schedule appointments, process new clients or email documents to customers if you want them to.

When you hire professional phone answering services, your business will expand. This is made possible by the trained professionals who not only find, but also convert some quality leads into customers. Moreover, since you are not spending time on answering many leads, you get more time to focus on additional tasks and growing your business.

Additionally, you and your employees will be able to step out of your offices without worrying about neglecting clients because they will all be served in a timely manner. The customer representatives work round the clock in shifts and offer high-quality services to your customers and leads.

Firms that hire personal assistants or receptionists are required to provide salaries, benefits and insurance to the employees. Moreover, a receptionist may be unable to answer the huge number of leads, especially if they are calling simultaneously. On the other hand, the outsourced staff can handle the huge influx of inquiries from many clients and meet the needs of your company. Additionally, they can register, track, or report any inquiries that have been made. This data can be utilized to help the firm grow and measure your KPIs.


Outsourcing professional customer representatives is very beneficial for law firms as it enables them to save money, time, and resources to utilize it in other areas of the company. Additionally, the professionals work round the clock and respond quickly to queries. They can also accomplish other tasks like smart lead tracking, resurrecting dead leads and sending welcoming emails to customers. Therefore, if you want to save the company’s resources while ensuring that your clients get the best services, just reach out to a great answering service company for lawyers and get assisted.

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