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It is obvious that when and employee is injured while on the job,  they should receive workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, oftentimes management tries to give the least possible amount of compensation. Contrarily, the workers expect to get the extra amount. The problem arises when both of them disagree. In such cases, one of the parties always suffers. You can also get stuck in the same situation without the proper help. This is the time you need St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney.

  • Why do you need us?
  1. We understand the need and importance of the compensation amount you receive. We think from the point of view of workers and employers.
  2. We have represented many injured workers. At the same time, we have helped many employers and insurance companies.
  3. We have experience on how to tackle legal issues from both sides.
  4. Our lawyers predict what arguments that can be raised, and so they can be prepared

What kind of workers compensation attorneys should be chosen?

Most importantly you should choose a person who can provide you an effective and comprehensive legal counsel. He should be able to deliver services related to work accidents. You should choose a firm that understands your problem. They should work tirelessly for the sake of your demand. They should care for you and your family. You should also be given proper guidance. You morale should be lifted up. All in all, it is a matter of your health.

Many people don’t even know when to ask for compensation money. They demand compensation only at the time of serious injuries. But everyone can ask for compensation if the injury has happened at the workplace during work hours.

Given below are some of the injuries on which worker compensation can be received. These are the kind of injuries that happen every now and then.

  1. Workers can get hurt by too much lifting, pushing or any other movement.
  2. Workers may fall while construction works.
  3. Workers may get injured while bending, climbing, reaching, standing, sitting etc.
  4. If the floor area is slippery then workers may slip and fall.
  5. They may get injured by any tool.
  6. Workers also suffer from repetitive-motion injuries.
  7. Sometimes workers tend to fight with each other at the workplace.

What the worker is expected to do?

The injured worker has to inform his employer as soon as possible.  If he fails to inform the employer within the 30 days, he will not be given any compensation. The employer deserves to know the name and address of the worker. Also, the time and place at the time of injury should be mentioned.

  • From an employer’s point of view

Many workers have tried to misuse this benefit. In such a case, some of the reliefs are available to protect employers.

  1. If the injury is not related to the employment, the employer can claim for it.
  2. The employer need not pay anything if the injury happened because of the preexisting condition.
  3. If the employer has paid compensation amount already he may declare that no more compensation is required.
  4. Even if the amount has been in excess, the refund can be received.

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