The Top Three Factors to Remember for a Brilliant and Effective Label for Your Product

A great product label will instantly stand out, even if it’s surrounded by several other labels for essentially the same products. With a good label, your product is more likely to be chosen by your prospective customers, and, what’s more, it’s more likely to be remembered (especially if it’s of good quality). You need a product label that’s easy to identify, easy to understand, and easy to remember, and this means that you need to consider a few key elements or factors whilst designing the labels for your products. Here are the top 3 factors you should remember for a brilliant and effective label for your product.

  • The fonts

Your choice of the font will have a big impact on your label’s effectiveness and attractiveness. Typical fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial may work but consider having fonts that really capture and complement the personality and essence of your product. For instance, if you are selling hot sauce, look for a font which can accentuate the product’s use, and if you are selling automotive parts, make the fonts big and bold to give the impression of durability and stability. When choosing the fonts for your product labels, there’s one more important consideration, perhaps the most important of all: always choose fonts that can be easily read.

  • The material of the label

Another top consideration when creating a product label is the material of the label. It is better for you to choose the material before the start of the process because the material needs to complement the label. Some popular materials include foil in silver or gold, and white or clear. If you choose white, the label can clearly stand out, but if you choose clear, your label can adhere to a customised shape for the product. With the right labelling advice and labelling machinery, you can easily choose the best type of material for your label.

  • The size of the label

The size of the label is another major factor which can affect your label’s effectiveness. Essentially speaking, the size of the label should be a good fit for the actual size of the product or its packaging. You have some options when it comes to this: you can opt for a single product label or you can choose product labels for both the front and the back. With a front and back product label, you can easily separate the design and branding on the front as well as the necessary information at the back, such as instructions for use, ingredients, and so on. On the other hand, you can go for a label which can be wrapped around the packaging or container, which is more cost-effective than two separate labels for the front and the back.


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