The Surprising Benefits Of Overqualified Hires

No matter the position in question, companies will usually narrow down their candidates to a handful of individuals, some of whom seem perfect for the place upon being interviewed. Of course, the objective of any hiring campaign is to find the correct candidate for the job – someone with the right experience and a skill set that is appropriate to the work itself. While this may be the case for many candidates, sometimes individuals will turn out to be too good to be true – this, in other words, is what’s known as an overqualified candidate.

Because just about any hire will impact a company – whether this is correct for good or bad reasons – it’s significant to be sure about who you’re welcoming into a corporate family. While there are teams available to assist you determine just what constitutes an overqualified or underqualified hire – you, for instance, could look to the well-known team at IQ Partners whose members offer precise and dedicated services when it comes to finding the most excellent team members for your company. In the meantime, however, the following will outline a few things to keep in mind while you’re on the hunt for the perfect candidate – but perhaps not too ideal.


The Rewards Of Having An Overqualified Candidate On Your Team

Indeed, a talented hire is easy to train, particularly if they are very knowledgeable in their field. There’s no necessitate to micromanage a candidate who knows what they’re doing, thereby boosting output for you and your team. The result of this is that you won’t be cleaning up the messes made by someone experiencing “first day” woes. In addition, overqualified team members have outstanding leadership skills and could easily mentor their peers, with little to no doubts. They offer more expertise than you originally bargained for as a hiring committee and are likely open to taking on new challenges as a upshot – some of which you, yourself, would not have anticipated. There are, though, downsides to overqualified hires that ought to be accounted for.

Overqualified Can Pose Risks To A Company

Individuals who are too talented from the beginning could be prone to abusing their benefit. This is to say, they might only see their new place as a placeholder to coast through until they land a role for which they sense truly commendable. This might involve the anticipation that they are deserving of a higher salary with more frequent raises than other staff. Moreover, their sole target may be to get promoted within the company, as opposed to taking pride in their existing position; this may lead to arguments amongst team members, as well as those in managerial positions. So too can it detract from morale, demotivating themselves and those around them. To be sure, these are frightening scenarios that are, to an extent, unrealistic for most people. It actually comes down to the individual and their personality, in cases like this. You might, then, want to wait and see if over-qualification is, in fact, a vice, given the reward these risks can incite.


Indeed, there are shocking advantages when it comes to hiring an overachiever, and depending on the candidate, these advantages could outweigh the cons. The question of whether or not you should hire an overqualified candidate, in the end, is contingent on how much is riding on the instant success of a new hire. In short, risk and reward situations like these should only be formed if you’ve disposal resources at your side.

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