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Natural soaps for the skin: options and benefits

There are different options of natural or ecological soaps for the skin. They are healthy, personalized and friendly soaps with the environment. We present some to take into account, their benefits and ideas to make them at home.

Natural or artificial soap

Many people decide to use natural soap wholesaleWith this decision, not only can you gain in quality and care, but you can also save money. Products that are artificially handled in a laboratory do not constitute natural soaps

All the ingredients that are used to achieve natural soaps must be natural. This also includes vegetable, mineral or animal by-products such as honey or milk.

Thus, products that are artificially handled in a laboratory do not constitute natural soaps. If they are natural, they have ingredients that are identical to nature, such as natural fragrance oils or dyes.

A soap for each type of skin

We can make or buy different natural soaps according to whether we want them for the body or for the face. For each type of skin, there are options with specific ingredients that we can take into account. You can use ingredients and oils that adapt better to your skin. If you buy natural soaps in stores it is important to know that natural and premium quality raw materials are used. And never lose sight of the dermatological consultation before any doubt.

Soaps for dry skin

They are made from vegetable oils. In addition, they have enriched fats such as olive or hazelnut oil. They usually also carry glycerin that has very beneficial moisturizing properties for dry skin. This type of soaps hydrate and nourish the skin in depth.

Soaps for sensitive skin

It is advisable to use a mild, neutral and delicate natural soap. For example: a chamomile soap that helps control and calm the irritations of sensitive skin.

Soaps for skin with wrinkles

This type of skin is dry, dull and lacks nutrition and hydration. For remedirlo you can use a homemade natural soap roses, as it has anti-ag properties and and moisturizing.

Soaps for oily skin or with acne

To fight against pimples, pimples, pores, acne and shine, a dermatological soap is recommended. These products contain very mild synthetic cleaning agents and the composition is added vegetables that close the pores, relieve irritations, do not flake the skin and help control the appearance of acne or blackheads.

They also will give result natural soaps with glycerin, sulfur, clay, rosemary oil , jojoba oil or coconut …

Benefits of natural soaps

  • Natural homemade soaps that are made with glycerin are very beneficial for sensitive, oily and dry skin.
  • The essential oils that are used to make natural soaps contain many therapeutic properties.
  • These soaps do not contain chemicals or artificial fragrances that irritate the skin.
  • They do not contain petroleum derivatives, so we avoid contamination of the environment.
  • These soaps do not contain chemicals or artificial fragrances that irritate the skin.
  • They also do not contain petroleum derivatives, which avoids the contamination of the environment.
  • They allow savings in paper or cardboard packaging, helping to reduce daily waste.

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