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Industries that could make use of Melaphones

Melaphones can be used in a variety of different disciplines yet are particularly effective and useful in certain industries. You have likely come across melaphones in your lifetime without noticing, maybe some of the following examples will remind you. This blog will discuss the industries well known to utilise the unique characteristics of melaphones.

Protected Communication

Melaphones are a strong and sturdy piece of equipment, and with no transmission of air, they are highly resistant to germs passing through them. Melpahones essentially allow communication through separating surfaces such as glass where it is necessary to keep people separated. In disciplines in which staff come face-to face contact with the public, yet are dealing with valuable goods, melaphones can be vital to ensuring the safety of staff. They are also of great use in high security scenarios such as prisons. They can allow communication yet keep staff and visitors safe from any dangerous situations. Without electrical connections or the attachment of speakers, melaphones can withstand violent attacks, allowing prison staff and visitors to feel safe when communicating with prisoners.


Melaphones can also be of excellent use in pharmaceutical environments where staying germ free is essential. Hospitals and clean rooms often require maximum communication yet can not allow germs to pass through to certain areas for health and safety reasons. in scenarios like this, melaphones are ideal as they allow for maximum visual communication due to its transparency, as well as strong verbal communication.

Customer Facing

In any position where a member of staff is facing the general public, maximum visual and verbal communications is essential in providing the highest possible customer service. Melaphones are highly resistant to damage and therefore are the ideal communication solution for public facing positions. Job roles where a person is facing the public is at constant risk of robbery attempts and anti-social behaviour. The implementation of melaphones will give your staff the added confidence that they can remain safe whilst at work.

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