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How to create compelling signage for your store

There are plenty of examples of bad shop signage; however, getting it right is easy once you know how to avoid the common pitfalls. With your business and its reputation at stake, investing in signage is vital.

Keep it simple

If you want to grab your customers’ attention, don’t fill your retail signage with too much information. A straightforward, easy to read and clear message that highlights a special deal or promotion is all that is needed to promote what you are offering.


Stick with a clear, easy to read font and avoid anything too arty or colourful, as this can confuse the message and make it harder to read. Don’t fill the area with too much writing and make sure that it is large enough to be read from a distance. Illustrations and symbols should also be avoided.

What is your message

Think about why your customers are in your store and why they will be buying your product. Include a simple message in your retail signage to encourage a purchase.

The high street has been hard-hit over recent years, with shoppers gravitating towards online shopping. As a result, retailers are having to work hard to survive; however, certain sectors are thriving on the high street.

Make it personal

Make your message personal; for example, words such as ‘you’ can help you to appeal directly to your customers. Spend time on your design and use professional signage, such as retail signage from Mood Media, to help you get it right.


Think about where and how you will display your signs and check that they can be seen from key locations, such as the store entrance. If you are using signage in your shopfront, check that it is readable from a passing car and across the street.

Be friendly

Depending on the type of business and your target market, make your signs friendly and fun. If you want to encourage customers to put your store in their social media feeds, have a sense of humour and make your customers laugh.

Promoting your business is key to its success. Having an organised store that has easy to read signage will encourage customers into your store, help to direct them once they are inside, and portray your business as professional, reliable and welcoming.

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