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Hassle Free Ways to Revive, Recharge and Reboot Your Business Marketing Today

For every business to survive, there has to be some sort of marketing campaign and advertising to create awareness about the brand. Regardless of whether the business is large scale or just a local store across the street, it’s important to sought creative ways of selling your business. On the other hand, if your marketing techniques have not been yielding profit or boosting traffic, then you probably need to restrategise, get professional indemnity insurance (to cover yourself in the event of mistakes) and possibly get a new marketing team. That being said, these are still hassle free ways to revive, recharge and reboot your business marketing today.

Wow Your Customers

You must not always do all the marketing, especially when you can make your customers talk about your service – indirectly. Word of mouth has remained one of the fastest (and traditionally relevant) ways of spreading information, and what better way to achieve this form of marketing than wowing your customers. Seek ways to exceed their expectations. Ensure that user experience doesn’t just end online when they visit your website, it should also continue at your outlet. You can also send them gifts on their birthday or first anniversary of shopping at your store. A lifelong warranty or a handwritten note to say thank you, will always make them want to convince prospects to patronise your service.

Take advantage of Social media

One problem most business owners have is sticking to traditional methods of marketing alone. In as much as word of mouth can be effective, it’s also important not to ignore modern technology. With more than half of the world’s population owning smartphones, it means there are more and more people using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media platforms. How else can you revive your business marketing than keeping up with the trend and ensuring customers can access you and your products via their mobile phone? Asides being on social media, you have to endeavour to be active and create interactive sessions where people can get information and feel they are talking to someone who understands their need – not a bot.

Do not ignore your competitors

Although you are trying to beat your competition, there are always a thing or two to learn from them. Observe those who have the most customers and find out what they do differently. If you run a business that is more location based – like a car dealership, restaurant, etc. – you can go on a courtesy visit to your competitors store to catch a glimpse of the aesthetics, service and product quality. This helps you get a better view of how to revamp your own marketing strategy. You should not imitate them verbatim, tweak them a bit and personalise what you have observed to fit your brand, style, budget and target customers.

Be Tech Savvy

Being tech savvy goes beyond just using technology for your business. You also have to take advantage of online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) amongst others. No matter how big or small your Business is, optimising your website and its content to pop up during Google searches go a long way in advertising your brand. Furthermore, having an app developed for your brand plays a major role in selling the business. Ensure its user friendly, free for download and highly beneficial to customers.

Lastly, always update your app and website with unique content. From testimonials, to reviews and even blog posts that will help a user. You will notice there will be a drastic increase in traffic and sales once you make use of these tips.


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