Gold Coast Electrician Safety Guide

Electrical problems may happen anytime and without any prior intimation. Although you may consider yourself to be eligible enough to deal with such problems, it is always better to let a professional electrician fix any type of electrical issues whether at home or at work. When you talk about an electrician at EJ Electrical Gold Coast, there are basically 3 types. The first are apprentices who are fit to deal with minor electrical problems such as installing a lightbulb. The second are journeymen who are more experienced that the apprentices. Finally, there are master electricians who can do any type of electrical job without much difficulty and also have the experience and tools to help them with their jobs.

Why Is It Necessary for You to Practice Caution While Working with Electricity?

The voltage of power, as well as, the available electrical current in any home or business location is sufficient enough to cause death by electrocution. You will be surprised to know that even if you try to change a bulb without unplugging the lamp may prove to be dangerous. This is simply because coming in contact with the energized or live part of any electrical socket can easily kill a person almost instantly.

Types of Injuries That May Be Caused Due to Electrical Currents

It is important for you to make a note that when a person becomes a part of any electrical circuit, he can easily get injured. The human body is more conductive of electrical current than the earth. This simply means that if there are no other alternatives available, electricity can easily flow through your body. When it comes to injuries caused by electrical currents, there are basically 4 types. These are falls, burns, electric shock, and electrocution, which is fatal. The following are the ways for these injuries to happen.

  • Direct contact with any circuit parts or exposed energized conductors. Whenever electrical current passes through your body, it can easily interfere with the different electrical signals between your muscles and your brain. This may result in irregular beating of the heart, muscle spasm may take place, and your breathing may stop completely.
  • When there are situations wherein electricity jumps or arcs from any exposed energy filled circuit part or a conductor, such as the overhead power lines, through the air or gas to you while standing or sitting on the ground. This would provide an alternative route for the electrical current to reach the ground.
  • Different types of thermal burns that also includes the burns caused by heat generated by electric jumps. If you suffer from a contact burn from receiving an electric shock, it can easily burn the internal tissues in your body and leave behind small injuries on the external part of your skin.
  • Electric shocks can also give rise to muscle contractions or a startled reaction from your end that may result in a fall from a ladder or trip over a bucket. These types of falls can also prove to be dangerous and may result in some serious injuries.

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